About your Photographer

Listen, I could put up a bunch of posed professional pictures here but would you really be getting to know me...like really know me?

This is me!

I LOVE my job...I know, I know, everyone says that but I really love my job. I love photography, being a business owner and the complete joy and wonderfulness that wedding photography brings. The passion in me to create a beautiful story for your wedding day overflows from my own zest for life, love and beauty. Capturing those moments that are unique to you and being able to tell that story, the beginning of your new life together, through photos and heirlooms is what drives me. 

I am a #Boymom of two wonderful boys that my husband and I adopted...These are those guys.

They make my heart smile and our family is full of fun. We love to laugh and travel! Life is serious enough with all of our busy schedules and meetings. We love to take each moment for what it is and enjoy the in-between.  If you want to know even more, just ask, I am an open book and love to share and listen.

So in short....If you are all about being an open book, like to be un-posed, are a little crazy from time to time, like bad dad jokes and the occasional bad joke in general, and appreciate the simple things in life's moments...then I am the photographer for you.

I have visited Europe (My favorite place on earth) a total of 12 times

Fun facts about me